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Freqently Asked Questions


What Is Payomatix’s Mission?

The aim of the company is to provide a simple and intuitive platform to every business owner in India, revolutionizing the Indian payments industry.


What Are the Benefits of Using Payomatix?

 Payomatix offers its clients an easy management system to increase the convenience of the payment process as well as allowing for a superior customer payment experience. Payomatix’s innovative payment system is simple to use and secure; it is also cost-effective, as users only need to integrate a single API that connects multiple PSPs rather than installing multiple solutions.


What Are Some of the Payment Processing Problems That Merchants Can Face?

The current payments infrastructure can lead to complications such as payment failure, poor customer experience and fraudulent activity. Payomatix aims to resolve these issues by offering an innovative payment solution that delivers a better experience for merchants.


the Advantage of a Single API Payment Solution?

Such a system can save merchants money by negating the need to deploy and switch between multiple PSPs.


Can Merchants Select the Payment Gateway They Wish to Use?

Yes, merchants can choose whichever payment gateway they wish to use that aligns with their risk appetite. One or more payment gateways can be used, and merchants will retain control of associated modifications.


How Can Payomatix Support Increased Orders and Conversion Rates?

Fast, new-age payment modes are what customers want. Payomatix’s API offers this, ensuring higher order values and an increased number of transacting customers.

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Can Businesses That Already Have a Payment Gateway in Place Use Payomatix?

Yes, both businesses that are new to the world of online payments and those that already have an existing payment gateway can make the most of the Payomatix checkout service.


How Does Payomatix Protect Its Users From Fraud?

Payomatix deploys a state-of-the-art fraud monitoring and alert system that uses algorithms, smart scoring and other tools to protect merchants from fraudulent activities.


What Are the Benefits of Payomatix’s Transaction Dashboard?

The transaction dashboard allows merchants to view key performance indicators. Real-time data and live revenue monitoring can be assessed and analysed to predict a business’s health metrics.


How Many Payment Methods Does Payomatix Support?

Payomatix allows merchants to provide over 100 payment methods to their customers via one integrated API.


Does Payomatix Offer a White Label PSP Solution?

Payomatix has a range of white-labelling solutions available for merchants, offering customization options in terms of payment systems, onboarding and more.

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