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Thinking big is a way to escape from self-imposed limitations, channel energy more productively and devise a clear road-map to the future we want to build for ourselves. In his book The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz posits that ‘The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.’



What Is Thinking Big?

Thinking big means considering a future beyond our immediate circumstances and aspiring to achieve bigger and better things. It’s also about developing a mindset that isn’t confined to average thoughts and not being afraid to think differently from those around us. According to this philosophy, thinking small will attract small results, while thinking big will deliver a bigger and better outcome.

Entrepreneur, investor and blogger Ruchi Rathor discusses big thinking on her blog The Healing Heart, exploring how to set effective goals as part of the process. For Ruchi, goals are the stepping stones by which people will reach their big-thinking vision. To this end, she suggests that goals should be both specific and measurable; she also reflects that the timeframe for the completion of each goal should be no longer than six months to avoid running out of steam or becoming demotivated.



Incorporating Big Thinking into Daily Life

Carving out time in our schedules to think big and visualise goals is key. This time should be consistently scheduled and made into a habit.

Goal setting, as mentioned above, is also vital; these goals should be ambitious yet remain realistic. Reflecting daily on these goals is a part of this process, enabling us to see the world of possibilities open to us.

Reframing mental attitudes is the next stage of building thinking big into our daily lives. To this end, a positive attitude should be nurtured, both towards the people that surround us and towards life in general.

Reaching out to successful individuals is another practical way to think big that can have many benefits; as well as inspiring us to foster a positive mindset, these new connections can also help us to form the habits and philosophies needed for success.

Making The Most of Thinking Big

Thinking big means keeping an open mind in order to recognize opportunities that appear and make the most of them. Take a look at the embedded PDF to learn more about the benefits of thinking big.


Ruchi Rathor