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About Me

Ruchi Rathor holds a diploma in Financial Strategy from the University of Oxford’s Said Business School, a diploma of business in Finance from the University of London’s International Programme, and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Applications from Xansa plc.

She is also an active member of the Leap Club, a community of women that operates as a support network to help women grow in their professional lives.

My Story

About Me & How

I Got Here

Ruchi began her career in the industry in a technical head of software development role before making the move into the payment field. Over the last 15 years she has worked for some of the largest payment acquirers and companies in the world, including Wirecard, Elavon and Paysafe. Ruchi loves coming up with new ideas and developing workable solutions to the challenges faced by global companies in terms of their payments infrastructure. 

As a payments specialist, Ruchi helps to ensure that consumers all over the world experience a quick, simple and efficient payment experience. The aim of Ruchi’s company, Payomatix, is to revolutionize the payments industry in India by introducing single API technical solutions to the merchants it serves. Payomatix is currently the only PSP in India that allows businesses to integrate multiple PSPs into one API platform with just a few clicks, making payment processing easy.

The Healing Heart

‘The Healing Heart’ blog, founded and written by Ruchi, focuses on a range of subjects, from business and success to culture and lifestyle.

 ‘Successful People Never Wait for Weekends’

A recent article, ‘Successful People Never Wait for Weekends,’ explores what we can learn from how successful people use the time they have available, and how it can be a mistake to wait until the ‘perfect’ time or set of circumstances before pursuing a goal. Ruchi also discusses, in this context, the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, setting aside regular time for exercise, being outdoors and self-care.


For Ruchi, building enjoyable and enriching activities – such as reading, working on an art project or meditating – into every day is a crucial part of self-development and finding success.


Ruchi enjoys a wide range of hobbies and interests outside of work, including poetry, singing and landscaping. She also enjoys reading the work of Ernest Hemingway, Paulo Coelho, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and Kafka, and appreciates various world cuisines, particularly Continental, Chinese and Italian.

Key Skills


Ruchi is active in the fields of FinTech, payments, entrepreneurship and spirituality, and she cites her key skills and abilities as public speaking, team coaching, technical consultancy and business transformation.

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