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Ruchi Rathor

This is the blog of Ruchi Rathor, the founder of Payomatix Technologies, a platform that provides a state-of-the-art payment aggregator platform to merchants nationwide.

Ruchi was named as one of the top women entrepreneurs of the year by the Indian Achievers Forum in 2022. This blog will explore many aspects of Ruchi’s professional career and personal life, covering a range of topics from her blog – ‘The Healing Heart’ – to a look at what a business should consider when choosing a payment service provider (PSP).



Ruchi began ‘The Healing Heart’ blog in August 2022 with the aim of providing uplifting content on a weekly basis to help readers conquer their fears and push their boundaries. One of Ruchi’s most recent blogs, ‘Don’t Let Your Fear Stop You from Doing Your Best,’ discusses ways to deal with the types of stress and anxiety that can prevent individuals from achieving their goals.

Ruchi Rathor<br />
Ruchi Rathor
Ruchi Rathor


Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

For Ruchi, learning more about our fears and how they’re triggered, as well as incorporating relaxation techniques into our daily lives, can be profoundly beneficial in dealing with ways of thinking that could be holding us back.

Ruchi Rathor


Thinking Big

The concept of ‘Thinking Big’ is another a key philosophy that Ruchi explores in her blog, including how to incorporate this way of thinking into day-to-day life. Goal setting is a fundamental part of this, as is simply carving out time in the day to think big by visualizing these goals and considering how to achieve them. Surrounding yourself with positive and inspirational people who inspire you is also conducive to the ‘Thinking Big’ mentality – these people are most likely to be supportive in our pursuit of our goals and also offer useful constructive criticism.


Ruchi’s company, Payomatix, allows businesses to integrate multiple PSPs with a single API.


management system in a single API



the convenience of payments



customer payment experience


Payment service provider

As an expert in the field of PSPs, Ruchi knows how vital such solutions are for businesses operating in an online marketplace. A PSP is a company whose purpose is to enable businesses to process a variety of digital payment types, and choosing the most suitable PSP for a businesses’ unique needs is important.

To this end, ease of use, availability, security and regulatory compliance – as well as the currencies that can be accepted – should be considered. A business should also think about the fees that each PSP charges, as well as the nature of the customer support available and whether recurring payments can be facilitated by the provider.


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