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How to Choose a Payment Service Provider (PSP) for a Business

For business-owners, choosing the Payment Service Provider (PSP) that best suits their needs is vital. A PSP is a third party that helps merchants to accept payments. Via a PSP, a merchant can accept credit and debit card payments, direct debits, bank transfers and...
Ruchi Rathor

How to Choose a PSP

A PSP is a payment service provider; these are companies that facilitate the processing of a wide range of digital payment types. Any business that operates within an online marketplace will need to make use of a PSP in order to accept payments from their customers,...
Ruchi Rathor

Thinking Big: Developing a Mindset for Success

Thinking big is a way to escape from self-imposed limitations, channel energy more productively and devise a clear road-map to the future we want to build for ourselves. In his book The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz posits that ‘The size of your success is...

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